If You Don’t Like the Output….Change the Input

If you have been to one of the PWP® presentations or workshops you have heard us say this before.  When we are working with folks, especially those who are living with complex disabilities like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) then statements like this point us in the direction of becoming solution focused and goal orientated. It also reminds us of the ARC© model for collaboration, communicate your goal, set an action and do it and then reflect on that action and outcome….

The truth of this statement has just surfaced for PWP® in a whole new context….website development! Who knew?!! A little over a year ago we embarked on the journey of developing a website, and the journey continues. And through the process we have found time and time again that website development seems to be the perfect combination of “inputting” (likely the website developers are rolling their eyes with my lingo!) in order to the desired output. Our goal? An on-line space where we could share our ideas, promote our work and continue to connect with PWP® Alumni. Seems simple enough…. well over a year later, multiple team members, timelines set, timelines re-set and then set again we are at the finish line!

We are excited to present ProfessionalswithoutParachutes.com !! Our website has been updated and includes lots of new features including…this blog! A space with links to new research, pdf resources, video resources and an online forum for our PWP® Alumni!

We are looking forward to filling the pages with useful, relevant evidence based research, resources and tools, upcoming events and we are looking forward to connecting with some of our former PWP® participants, hearing your stories, celebrating your successes and keeping the conversations going!

Check out our refurbished website, let us know what you think! We can be found at:   www.professionalswithoutparachutes.com

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